Invisible Magnetic No Drill Safety Lock

    Invisible Magnetic No Drill Safety Lock

    Parents - Keep Your Baby Safe! Secure Kitchen & Bedroom Cabinets & Furniture With 8 Child Proof Door & Drawer Locks for Kids.2 Keys & 3M Adhesive Straps

    Product description

    Why Buying MyQualityProducts Magnetic Safety Lock?

    As a new parent, you know you have just about 18 months before things turn wild in your house. That will be roughly when your little one starts to really get into the swing of wrecking your possessions.

    You're completely terrified, but now, that you've found this great product by myqualityproducts on amazon, cupboard by cupboard, you can quietly begin a child-proofing initiative in your home.

    You and your spouse took a lot of love and care in buying all your beautiful objects, those fantastic pieces of furniture that you acquired in exotic places to make yourself a lovely and cosy home.

    No one can possibly be prepared to see their kid smash their delicate belongings. Those things you've found homes for on shelves and in cupboards out of harm’s way, but it's the cupboards themselves that you have to gear up to be child-proof, down the lines. With MyQualityProducts safety lock kit, you can easily make sure that the bedroom cupboards, kitchen tables, electric outlets and bathroom cabinet doors are completely safe for your child to play near and this will be the best care for kids at home.

    Our magnetic locks offer 'no fuss no mess' solution:
    ☺So simple – it’s really a children's game to install
    ☺Grip that will reach and hold tight through almost 1.6" or 40mm of wood
    ☺Tougher than any baby
    ☺Superior product
    ☺Proper installation instructions
    ☺Bonus safety devices
    ☺Keep curious babies out of harm’s way

    These Magnetic Locks have been researched by MyQualityProduct in their design and implementation with great care, and it’s for this reason, MyQualityProduct and Amazon cannot be held responsible for any knockoffs, which might be slightly cheaper, but are certainly not as effective.

    Buy this top quality magnetic lock kit TODAY and make your home a safe playzone for your toddlers.You can also avail guaranteed bad credit loans no credit check

    • STRONG HIDDEN LOCK KEEPS YOUR BABIES SECURITY WHILE NOT DAMAGING YOUR HOME DESIGN: MyQualityProducts' safety locks are made entirely of plastic and yet are tough thanks to the powerful magnets and the 3M adhesive strap. No more metal locks that needs to be installed by drilling. This one has easy installation and is strong enough to prevent your children from looking in cupboards and drawers that they shouldn’t. You don’t have to hammer nails or screw ugly screws into your cabinet
    • ANYONE CAN ASSEMBLE AND OPERATE IT: NO EQUIPMENT, TOOLS OR HARDWARE NEEDED! Putting the childproof safety lock by MyQualityProducts together is as simple as one-two-three. Just stick it to the inside of your cupboard with the tape. Close the door and the magnet will keep it locked. Open the door with the magnetic key which can open the lock from a distance of about 1.6 inches or 40mm. The brilliant locking mechanism allows keeping it open when toddlers protection isn't needed
    • CHILD PROOFING IS REALLY A CHILD’S PLAY: KEEP YOUR PEACE OF MIND WHILE NOT HAVING TO CONSTANTLY GUARD YOUR KID. With MyQualityProducts safety lock kit, you can easily make sure that the bedroom cupboards, kitchen tables, electric outlets and bathroom cabinet doors are completely safe for your child to play near. Your little munchkin will never be able to pry into dangerous tools or chemicals that can hurt or burn. Set these babyproof locks in every room in the house to keep your peace of mind
    • YOU WON'T NEED TO BUY ANYTHING ELSE! WE ARE INCLUDING EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO PROTECT YOUR TODDLER: This complete set includes 8 locks, 8 clips, 2 keys and key-chains as well as a supply of 3M adhesive straps which are proven to be strong enough to keep that magnetic lock holding tight for however long you want it to do so. It is tougher than the toughest baby. TWO GREAT BONUSES ARE ALSO INCLUDED: FOUR TABLE CORNER PROTECTORS AND FOUR ELECTRIC OUTLET PROTECTORS
    • THE GREAT BONUSES, VIDEO GUIDE AND LIFETIME GUARANTEE MAKE IT THE BEST DEAL EVER: We provide bonus table corner and electric outlet protectors as well as a fantastic and clear video guide which comes with the kit. The video, as well as the printed instructions on the package, will explain exactly how to use this product. If you don't find this product useful, MyQualityProducts will refund you in full. We provide a lifetime guarantee on the safety lock and a 30 days guarantee on the bonuses

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